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Company Overview

Southern Link Limited (SLL) is registered Tanzania Contractors Company, holding class one registration Certificate of Incorporation No: 16003. The company operates since 08 December 1988 with a registered office at Josam House Mikocheni Light Industrial Area.

For 33years of existence (project management as contractors), we are providing comprehensive range of services. Sustainability in the industry has been geared by the company operations golden rules of honesty, integrity and respect.

For about 33years now, the company is founded with strong foundation of meeting customers demand, concreted with a floor of exceeding customer expectation, and supported by five strong standard core values of safety (all over operations), quality (products and services), speed (on execution and decision making), cost effective (reasonable pricing) and professionalism (expertise utilization) which has made the objectives, mission and vision true to date.

Why Us

We are one of the leading providers of specialist civil engineering and construction services for Tanzania infrastructure and utilities projects. Our values guide us all by continuously challenging our approach and pushing the boundaries to offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

Providing High Quality Services From 1988

To maintain the high standards for which we are recognised and to provide clients with a ‘seamless service’, we have evolved into a largely self-sufficient business, preferring to deliver projects using in-house resources whenever possible. Self-sufficiency also helps us to successfully adapt to the constantly changing environment in which we work.

Southern Link Ltd continually strive to establish new partnerships and collaborations, bolstering existing long-term relationships that achieve the greatest results whilst continually striving for improvement.

Our Vision

To become a company of choice that provides quality, safe, sustainable and cost effective solutions to customers within Construction and Engineering Industry. To attain this vision, we have established 3 missions of concentration

Our Mission

– To ensure safe operation of people, environment, assets and reputation.
– To ensure customer satisfaction and exceeding expectation in the Quality of works.
– To ensure cost effective investment methodologies using best available option

Golden Principles, No Harm Phylosophy And Core Values

As a responsible construction and engineering solutions company, the company has been operated under its golden principles where operations have been driven by no harm philosophy while the whole structure is held by strong columns well recognized as core values


Golden Principles

– Honesty in all business undertakings.
– Integrity.
– Respect to everyone

No Harm Philosophy

– No injuries or ill health as a result of our operations.
– No environmental damage or pollution.
– No asset damages.
– No reputational damage.

Core Values

Safety: From initial project stages, initiate works by thinking safety, implementation by safety principles and closing out through safety procedures.

Quality: Ensure provision of quality products and services to maintain consistency in meeting and
exceeding client’s expectations.

Cost-effective: Ensuring cost-effectiveness through allocation of resources and ensuring that cheap is not an option but rather cost reasonable costing.

Speed: Delivering services within agreed and possibly less than agreed time without compromising

Professionalism: Promoting professionalism in all that we do. If it is not within our internal capacities, experts with right skills will be made available to deliver the task at a high standard not otherwise. This has been a secret of sustainable excellence and best customer experience.

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We are a multi-disciplined construction and civil engineering company operating throughout Tanzania