Our Services

Earth Moving Equipment

We also offer a business to business construction equipment hire service.

We are proud to work with the largest building contractors in the country and have an unparalleled reputation when it comes down to service.

Civil Engineering

It’s a rewarding experience, connecting municipals and villages. We value our ongoing role, delivering important projects that link and enhance our vital road networks in Tanzania. Whether delivering upgrades, duplications, complex superstructures, for new or existing road infrastructure projects, our approach is always the same.

We listen to understand the needs of our client, form the best team of people with the right attitude, skills and experience and then deliver the project in a timely and responsible manner.

Building Construction

With an intimate knowledge and extensive experience in building projects, we enjoy working on environmentally sustainable developments and are committed to maximizing value to our clients.

Operating in both the residential and non residential sectors, we create world class facilities and innovative fit-outs to meet the specific needs of our many and varied clients.

A depth of expertise in project management, community consultation, environmental management, traffic management, quality assurance and safety - places us at the forefront of the construction industry in Tanzania. Investing in what we build, ties us financially to the delivery and long-term operation of our projects.